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    We know that when creating a scene, many details contribute to an immersive experience, so when working on a project we take all these elements into account from the very beginning. Sound work begins at the early stage of the project when we plan our 3D assets.


    When photoscanning locations and objects we also try to capture as many sounds as possible on site using professional field recording equipment. Obtaining good results often requires recording at night to minimize ambient noise. All other additional sounds needed for the project are also recorded by our team from various sources.


    After the recording session the acquired material is selected and then appropriately processed. Each sound effect is treated individually. Depending on the object, loops, variations or individual layers of sounds are prepared. Finally, both mixing and mastering are performed, then the sound files are cataloged in an organized manner.


    When we prepare our resources, we try to provide fully comprehensive solutions ready for use in popular game engines such as Unreal Engine. For more demanding objects or actions, audio scripts are prepared containing already implemented mechanics, such as variations, layers or interactions.


    Finally, all sound effects and scripts are attached to the appropriate models or sets and published on the stores such as Unreal Marketplace, Unity Asset Store, Sketchfab and CGTrader or sent directly to our business customers.

    If you like our work and are interested in our services, we will be happy to produce what you need on an individual order.